Welcome to The Hidden River Kitchen

The aim of The Hidden River Kitchen is to provide ideas, methods and ingredients that make your food tasty, vibrant and healthy. I know a lot of people are put off trying food that has been labeled in some way – ‘vegetarian’, ‘vegan’, ‘gluten free’, ‘low carb’ etc. so I thought why not just create recipes that provide many of the health benefits we know we need without anyone knowing? Why not let the way the food looks and tastes entice people to try it, not the fact that it is ‘fat free’ or ‘low calorie’.

I call it Stealth Health; making food that is healthy without compromising on taste. Success to me is getting people enjoying my food because it tastes great; the fact that it is a far better nutritional choice is just a happy coincidence.

Follow me on my journey as I write and trial recipes, run cookery classes and workshops and cater for events. I’d love to hear from you about anything you want to talk about: Questions about strange ingredients and how to use them? What to use as alternatives to make your dishes healthier? How to design menus for anything from fussy teenagers to a big celebration meal? Or just to share any successes and failures you’ve had in the kitchen!


Feel free to contact me…