Stealth health recipes

As I’ve said before I struggle to get half of my family to eat healthier food; they think there is zero point to pretty much anything green and one of them hides tins of spam around the house (I’m not going to expose them……………yet:)!

My aim is to focus on making vegetable based dishes the star attraction of any meal but I’m well aware that I can lose my fickle audience at the mention of quinoa. The stealth health recipes are aimed at introducing fish, meat and dairy dishes that are full of goodness and flavour and will compliment the vegan recipes in the other sections.

A hilarious friend of mine’s comments about my latest cookbook was ‘It looks lovely, you could have steak with that!’. So I say, why not? Make some delicious healthy dishes from any of the recipes in this blog and simply add some grilled meat or fish for the meat eaters. Turn the traditional idea that its all about the meat on its head and see if you can win over some diehard carnivores to add some nutritional variety to their diets.

Chicken with dates and olives

Lavender and honey glazed chicken

Fish cakes with apple and mint raita

Lawar kachang

Pan-fried fish with roasted pepper and nut salsa

Roasted trout with chermoula

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